The BECTU Sector of Prospect represents a community of workers, in a wide variety of roles (excluding actors and musicians) across the media, entertainment, IT and telecoms industries. BECTU membership currently stands at 40,000.

The union is effective in its representation of both staff (employees) and freelance workers: that means full-time staff, part-time staff, project workers, contract workers, freelancers, casuals and dailies.

UK law confirms the right of all workers, whatever their contractual status, to belong to a trade union of their choice. Whether you are staff or freelance in the media and entertainment sectors, we invite you to join us. Future members in IT and telecomms should join the union here.

By joining us you get the benefit of our support for you as an individual together, collective bargaining where the union is recognised and access to a range of valuble benefits and services. Your membership also enables us to be more effective generally in the promotion of our members' interests.

BECTU's staff branches

Members who are employed, whatever the type of contract they work to, join a staff branch. Typically, that branch will represent the interests of members on one site employed by a single or by several employers. In certain situations our branches cover a number of sites, sometimes covering a number of employers, within a given geographical area. 

New members are assigned to the appropriate branch on joining. Within a few days of joining they should receive a welcome letter, membership card and union rulebook. 

Role of the branch

The branch is the most important grouping for members of BECTU. We encourage our members to get to know their branch representatives and to play an active part in branch affairs. BECTU members can, via their website log-in, check to see whether their branch is making use of the facility for branch pages.  

Getting involved with your branch

BECTU membership is an investment in your future at work. However BECTU membership can mean a lot more. You have the opportunity to get involved with your branch by attending meetings and supporting and informing the branch's activities.

Why not lend a hand to your branch committee and help run the branch? Branch representatives are volunteers and branches are most successful where the work is shared. Elected representatives also benefit from a full programme of training. Our training helps to develop our representatives to support their members. Our training also adds to our representatives' personal development. 

Contact us

If you are new to BECTU and don't  know who your branch officials are contact us with your query and we will put you in touch. If you would like more information about how to set up a BECTU branch in your workplace tell us where you work  and we will put you in touch with the right person. If you would like more information about how to become a branch representative contact our training department.