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The UK Working Time Regulations came into force on 1 October 1998. Below are details of negotiations with employers and trade associations along with general information on the UK introduction of the EU Working Time Directive as it impacts on BECTU's sectors.

Holiday rights delivery day
New holiday rights won by BECTU at the European Court start on 25 October. (10.10.2001)

Holiday pay safeguard
Freelances cannot be deprived of holiday pay for any untaken leave. (07.09.2001)

Holiday pay safeguard
Freelances cannot be deprived of holiday pay for any untaken leave. (07.09.2001)

BECTU's response to Working Time Regulation proposed amendments July 2001
BECTU submission on UK government consultation on proposed changes to the Regulations following the European Court of Justice ruling. (19.07.2001)

Union wins legal fight on holidays
BECTU has beaten the UK government and won holiday rights for freelancers. (26.06.2001)

Union set to beat government on leave
Europe's top lawyer has backed BECTU's efforts to win holiday rights for freelancers. (12.02.2001)

Theatre disputes settled
Peace deals have been agreed in English National Opera and the Royal Shakespeare Company. (03.07.2000)

Are there any good employers?
BECTU is looking for freelance film and broadcast productions who schedule in line with working time law. (25.04.2000)

Freelance Working Time breakthrough
BECTU continues to fight for freelances' right to be protected under the Working Time Regulations. (18.04.2000)

Commission working time backing
The European Commission is backing BECTU's case against the British government on leave for freelances. (07.02.2000)

Hair & Make-up Working Time advice
BECTU has issued detailed Working Time Regulation advice for freelance Hair & Make-Up Artists. (18.10.1999)

Dispute working time information
Recommended wording for BBC Resources members seeking working time information has been issued. (07.10.1999)

Ballot backs action in BBC Resources
BECTU members in BBC Resources have voted for a work to rule following the collapse of talks on working time. (09.08.1999)

BECTU response to UK Working Time Regulations proposed amendments
The union's response to consultation on proposed amendments concerning unmeasured working time and records for opted-out workers. (20.07.1999)

BBC Resources ballot begins
An industrial action ballot on the Working Time Directive is now due to begin in BBC Resources on 19 July. (16.07.1999)

Legal threat delays BBC ballot
An industrial action ballot of BECTU members in BBC Resources, due to begin on 12 July, has been postponed for one week after management threatened legal action. (09.07.1999)

Resources Working Time ballot
Following management withdrawal from Working Time Regulation talks an industrial action ballot in BBC Resources has been confirmed. (03.07.1999)

Union calls time in BBC Resources
BECTU will be instructing members in BBC Resources to stick firmly to Working Time Directive scheduling limits after talks with management floundered. (25.06.1999)

New freelance film and TV agreement
Freelance film and TV members have accepted a new agreement on pay and conditions from industry body PACT. (12.06.1999)

Broadcasting Working Time roundup
Working Time agreements have been reached at the BBC, Anglia and ITN; with the Regulations being applied at HTV, S4C, Ulster and Border TV. (31.05.1999)

A&E Working Time roundup
Negotiations on the Working Time Regulations in the Arts and Entertainment sector are at varied stages, with some areas reaching agreement. (25.05.1999)

PACT Agreement breakthrough
Freelance film and television members are to be balloted on a series of proposed improvements to the PACT/BECTU Freelance Production Agreement. (18.05.1999)

Working Time challenge goes to Europe
The High Court has agreed to refer BECTU's legal challenge to the UK Working Time Regulations directly to Europe. (12.05.1999)

Working Time BBC agreement
Agreement on the application of the Working Time Directive in three BBC Directorates has been finalised. (04.05.1999)

ITN Working Time agreement
ITN members have voted by a 85% majority to accept a new agreement on the Working Time Regulations following negotiations with the company. (20.04.1999)

BBC members ballot on Working Time
A delayed ballot over Working Time proposals is finally going ahead at the BBC, but one major area is excluded. (21.02.1999)

AFVPA Working Time deal
The AFVPA commercials agreement has been amended to bring the breaks clause into line with the UK Working Time Regulations. (16.02.1999)

BBC Working Time ballot
The Working Time Directive could finally be introduced in the BBC by March if new scheduling proposals are accepted in a ballot over the next few weeks. (21.01.1999)

Working Time legal challenge go-ahead
The High Court has given the go-ahead to a legal challenge to the UK Working Time Regulations by BECTU. (21.01.1999)

Working Time Directive delayed at BBC
The BBC's unions have agreed to a one month delay in the introduction of the Working Time Directive, originally scheduled for January 1 1999. (30.12.1998)

BECTU takes on the government
BECTU is to challenge in the courts the UK government interpretation of the European Working Time Directive annual leave provisions. (16.12.1998)

Landmark agreement
The national agreement covering members working in theatres around the country now incorporates the Working Time Regulations and a 3.3% pay increase. (10.12.1998)

Don't sign opt-outs
The way forward for freelance BECTU members is not to sign opt-outs from the Working Time Regulations. (01.12.1998)

Working Time Regs roundup
Working Time Regulations negotiations between BECTU and employers reveal a varied picture across the UK media industry. (15.10.1998)

BBC working time advice
Advice on the newly introduced Working Time Regulations for BECTU members in the BBC has been issued. (13.10.1998)

UK Working Time Regulations guidance
Regulatory guidance on the UK Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) site.

UK Working Time Regulations 1998
The text of the Working Time Regulations 1998 on the HMSO website.

EU Working Time Directive
The text of the European Union Directive on the EU Europa web server.

EU Young Workers Directive
The Directive on the EU website is referred to in the UK Working Time Regulations.

BECTU response to the Working Time Directive UK public consultation
The union's submission to government consultation from 7 May 1998.

Working Time Directive - BECTU response to European Commission White Paper on excluded sectors
The union's submission to European consultation from 3 September 1997.

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